With our aging population, Ikard Law PC more and more frequently advises clients on the need for, and intricacies of, guardianships.

Pre filing analysis including alternatives
Ikard Law PC assists clients with careful evaluation of the need for a guardianship and any available alternatives.

Determining Incapacity, Best Interest and Least Restrict Alternatives
If a guardianship is needed, Ikard Law PC represents clients in establishing incapacity of the proposed ward, that a guardianship is in the proposed ward’s best interest and that it is the least restrictive alternative.

Appointment of a Guardian
Ikard Law PC advises clients in regards to serving as guardian or asking the court to appoint another person as guardian.

The courts are very protective of the rights of the ward. As a result the rules for administering the ward’s estate are very detailed. Ikard Law PC advises our guardian clients on complying with these rules and protecting the ward and his property. This includes but is not limited to annual accountings, sales, purchases, allowances and safe keeping agreements.